A Time for Justice: A Legal Thriller (Bill Harvey Book 4)

A young girl is missing.

Attorney Bill Harvey is fighting to save his career.

If these two worlds collide, lives will be changed forever.

Kevin Wu knows his way around a courtroom. He’s seen a lot of them. The Chinese-American businessman is suing Bill Harvey for negligence, and he’s almost built the perfect case.

Desperate to save his career, Harvey dives into a world of drug-dealers, thugs, and hit-men, searching for the one piece of evidence that will clear his name.

For the last five years, the young girl has been living in the basement. At just twelve years old, she remembers little about her family, or her past life. She barely remembers her own name. Trapped underground, she longs for a taste of freedom.

When she finally breaks free, her secrets will surprise everyone…