Faith and Justice: A Legal Thriller (Tex Hunter Book 2)

Corruption. Racism. Faith.

When new-age faith healer Amos Anderson is arrested for the murder of vocal Baptist minister Dural Green, he becomes public enemy number one.

And criminal defense attorney Tex Hunter is the only man left in his corner…

Reverend Green was a fierce challenger to Anderson’s faith healing techniques; protesting against his every move, preaching that Anderson was performing the Devil’s work.

When Green is found murdered only hours after a physical altercation with Anderson, all the evidence points to one man.

A white supremacist group throws their unwanted support behind Anderson, and the case threatens to turn the streets of Chicago into a battle ground for race riots.

In the second instalment of the best-selling Tex Hunter series, Hunter battles against conspiracies, dishonesty, and scams; risking everything to save a possibly innocent man.

But after digging deep into the case, Hunter finds that everything is relative.

Even truth.

This thrilling story will take you for a ride through the courtroom, twisting and turning until it reaches a conclusion that you won’t see coming.