Redeeming Justice: A Legal Thriller (Bill Harvey Book 1)

When you live so close to the edge, you have to be prepared to fall over it.

Californian Judge Andrew Hardgrave is found murdered in his Los Angeles home, with one single bullet wound, and all roads lead to attorney Bill Harvey’s client. Despite claiming he’s out of the criminal game, Carlos López is fighting drug charges, and it becomes clear his involvement with organized crime runs deep.

As Harvey starts to investigate, turning leads into danger, friends into suspects, he finds there is more to the case than he could have imagined. The more he digs, the more threatening the case becomes. Desperately, he fights to find a clue that will solve the crimes.

But what he uncovers will risk the lives of the people he loves…

This thrilling legal novel will take you for a ride through the courtroom, and end with a twist that you didn’t see coming.