The Hostage: A Gripping Crime Thriller (Jack Valentine Book 2)

A girl is kidnapped. The clock is ticking. And Jack Valentine is the only hope the girl has left…

Chase Martin’s life is all about money. He uses it as he uses people—often and without care for the consequences. When his daughter is kidnapped from under his nose, Chase’s world is turned upside down. The kidnapper demands one million in cash, and warns Chase against going to the police.

Contacting Private Investigator Jack Valentine, Chase entrusts Valentine to uncover the kidnapper and get his girl back safe. Entering into a world of corruption, crime, and power, Valentine uncovers a group of ex-army veterans that had been cheated by Chase’s companies and are desperate for revenge.

Investigating cops, family members, and felons, Valentine fights against time to find the girl, fighting to find the one piece of evidence that would answer all his questions.

But what he uncovers will make it the most dangerous case of his career…

This private investigator thriller will take you for a ride through the streets, twisting and turning until it reaches a conclusion you won’t see coming!